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What you need to know about traffic offenses in North Carolina…

You might consider it a minor traffic offense, but that ticket or fine can have potentially long lasting and extremely costly consequences.  In North Carolina, a speeding ticket handled incorrectly can cost you the loss of your license, a double in your insurance premiums and a fine among other things.  DO NOT just mail in your fine.  Mailing in a fine is the same as pleading guilty and can have severe, costly consequences.  Upon receiving a speeding ticket, traffic violation or other violation related to your automobile you should contact a lawyer to discuss your case and circumstances.  In most cases, an experienced attorney like Jamie Vavonese can handle your ticket in a manner that will prevent you from receiving any insurance increase and will keep your license valid.   Contact Vavonese Law Firm, PC and talk to Jamie Vavonese about how she can assist you with your traffic ticket.

Vavonese Law Firm and Jamie Vavonese help their clients fight speeding and other traffic tickets. In many cases, they are able to have charges for a moving violation reduced to a lesser violation and/or  dismissed. Depending on the ticket, Jamie Vavonese may be able to appear in court on your behalf.

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