What is embezzlement?
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What is embezzlement?

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2020 | White Collar Crimes

Companies often have to put employees in charge of the business’ assets. These employees are expected to act in an ethical and professional manner that puts the interests of the business first. While this is what happens in most cases, there are some instances in which a person might be accused of embezzlement.

When a person misuses their fiduciary powers, they can be accused of embezzlement. This can occur in many forms. Some individuals take company assets and use them for their own good. Others might create false bills or payroll accounts that funnel money into a bank account that they control.

Embezzlement must be done on purpose. You can’t accidentally embezzle assets from a company because of the requirement that you intend to defraud the company of its assets.

Sometimes, embezzlement schemes are well hidden. Some Ponzi schemes are forms of embezzlement. It’s possible that multiple individuals within a company might conspire together to commit embezzlement.

Another point to remember is that the value of assets that’s taken might not have much of an impact on the charge, but it may affect the penalties you’re facing. You’re likely looking at harsher penalties if you’re accused of higher amounts of money or assets in an embezzlement case than what you would be if it was only over a small amount.

Anyone who is accused of embezzlement must ensure that they’re working on their defense swiftly. If you’re in this position, your attorney can help you determine what options you have. Because these cases often come with a considerable paper trail, you should ensure that you’re working diligently on your defense strategy.