What could turn possession charges in to possession with intent?
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What could turn possession charges in to possession with intent?

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2020 | Drug Crimes

Sometimes the deciding factor behind whether someone faces state or federal drug charges will be what investigators, prosecutors and law enforcement officials believe that person’s intentions were before they acted.

In certain circumstances, a person who gets caught in possession of a controlled or prohibited substance will face possession with intent to distribute charges. Intent to distribute drug charges carry higher penalties and more social stigma because they imply that someone was or intended to be a drug dealer. What differentiates basic possession from possession with intent?

Social habits and other possessions can affect your charges

When law enforcement agents find someone in possession of a large amount of a single substance or moderate amounts of multiple prohibited or controlled substances, they are more likely to assume that those drugs are not for personal use. In other words, the greater the weight of the drugs involved, the more likely it is that you could face possession with intent charges.

Additionally, if you regularly have people over, even if they don’t know about your habits, the frequent traffic in and out of your house might give investigators reason to suspect you sell the drugs that you have.

Finally, items that many people who use drugs have in their possession for convenience and safety’s sake might make law enforcement agents suspicious of distribution. Items ranging from plastic straws and sandwich bags to digital scales that weigh by the gram could all help build a case that someone had the intent to distribute.

If you find yourself facing federal drug charges or charges involving distribution, an experienced criminal defense attorney can work to minimize the impact of those charges on your future.