How to handle a bully in a high-asset divorce
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How to handle a bully in a high-asset divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2021 | Family Law/Divorce

In a high-asset divorce, there is more to win, and more to lose. This is why those going through divorces involving a high amount of marital assets often plan ahead and resort to aggressive tactics. If you have been caught off-guard and your spouse has unexpectedly filed for divorce, it is likely that you are dealing with heartbreak at the same time as worrying about your financial future.

The important thing is to try to compartmentalize the key aspects of your divorce. While it is important that you are able to express and work through your emotions, this will not help negotiations regarding the division of assets. If your divorcing spouse is a bully, it is likely that they will try to play with your emotions and manipulate you by trying to make talks about finances emotional ones. The following are some general tips for successfully handling a bully in a high-asset divorce.

Focus on your own behavior

It can be tempting to become aggravated by seeing all the faults in your ex’s behavior. Yes, they may be unreasonable, rude, manipulative and hateful. However, you cannot control them — you can only control the way that you react. Therefore, simply focus on being the bigger person and being proud of your maturity and class.


While you may feel too angry to want to communicate, giving the silent treatment can aggravate matters. Try to have clear and practical communication over text. This could be to share information about children’s activities or court dates. Getting into a respectful mode of communication early on can help you to fall into a good habit.

Know your rights

Never let your divorcing spouse threaten you or tell you your legal rights. Inform yourself of your rights and never automatically accept their word as truth.

If you are currently going through a high-asset divorce, make sure that you understand your legal rights and that you take early action.