What to do if you are under federal indictment
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What to do if you are under federal indictment

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2021 | Federal Criminal Defense

A federal indictment, if you live in North Carolina or anywhere else in the nation, is a serious matter. You can be federally indicted for a wide array of crimes, such as bank fraud, cybercrimes, tax evasion, counterfeiting or numerous other offenses.

The consequences can be wide-ranging as well, including permanent damage to your personal and professional reputation, protracted legal proceedings, potential incarceration and tremendous anxiety and upheaval for you and your family. Your whole life may be significantly impacted.

After being indicted, you will want to calmly and carefully plan your next steps. If you are indicted, that signifies that a grand jury found that there was probable cause to charge you with a criminal offense. You may be able to challenge the indictment, depending on your particular situation. Whether you choose to do that or not, there are some other actions you can take that could conceivably help you.

How to proceed if a federal indictment is brought against you

  • Having an experienced, knowledgeable attorney on your side is essential. This person can advise you on your options and rights.
  • Don’t discuss your case with people such as representatives of law enforcement agencies or federal agents without consulting your attorney.
  • If there are documents that pertain to your defense, share them with your attorney.
  • Although it may be challenging, try to have a cooperative attitude.
  • Communicate with your attorney about anything you don’t understand. Ask questions and stay informed about all aspects of your defense.

Being under federal indictment is an alarming situation for anyone. Don’t get so flustered or agitated when you consider all the ramifications that you don’t do what you can to mitigate your circumstances. Choose an attorney you trust who will work diligently on your behalf for the best possible outcome.