Crossing state lines can make something a federal crime
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Crossing state lines can make something a federal crime

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2021 | Federal Criminal Defense

In some cases, actions that would be considered state crimes can become federal crimes. One way that this happens is when you cross state lines while doing it. For instance, stalking laws indicate that it’s a federal violation if you cross a state line while stalking or harassing someone.

The same can be true for many drug crimes. This is why it’s illegal to bring drugs into North Carolina from elsewhere. Not only may those drugs be illegal in both states, but you set yourself up for federal prosecution if you drove to another state with the intent to buy and then brought those substances back into North Carolina. You’re not just going to be charged under state law, where you were caught, but under federal law.

The marijuana conundrum

One way that this has been seen in recent years is that some states have legalized recreational marijuana. It remains illegal at the federal level, however. So, someone who legally buys marijuana and then goes to another state could get federal charges, even though the purchase was legal initially. This can even happen in cases where marijuana is legal in both states — though it is still illegal in North Carolina at this time, so it’s also a state crime.

Facing serious charges

Crossing state lines can make your situation far more serious when federal charges get involved. You definitely need to know what legal defense options you have. Something like this has the power to define your future, and you must know what to do so as not to jeopardize that future. Working with an experienced team can help.