Do your children need to stay together after a divorce?
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Do your children need to stay together after a divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Family Law/Divorce

Divorces are tough on kids, and there may be some unique challenges when you have more than one child in a single-parent home. Sometimes, children don’t get along. Other times, they have activities that require a parent to try to be in more than one place at a time.

That’s problematic, but one thing you could consider is splitting custody in a way that allows your children to live apart. This is particularly helpful in situations where one child is older and preparing for high school or college, for example, while the other is in elementary school or middle school. It may also be helpful if each parent lives closer to one of the children’s activities.

For instance, if their father lives near the high school and can pick up the older child from activities each day but the children’s mother lives closer to a ballet studio that her younger child wants to go to regularly, it could be helpful to divide custody in a way that keeps each child closer to their activities and makes it easier for the parents to get them there on time.

You’re in control of custody decisions

Children don’t have the right to choose where to live, but you should consider what they want. If you and your ex-spouse need your children to live together so that you have time to work on the days when you don’t have custody or you need them to be apart because they constantly have conflicts, that’s something to discuss with your children. However, you do need to listen to them, too. If an older child feels like they don’t get enough attention when their sibling is around or two siblings just simply don’t get along, then it may be better to separate them and create a split custody schedule where they are together only a few days a week.

Remember, custody arrangements may change over time. If separating your kids could be beneficial in your situation, it’s something you could try. Keep good communication with your ex, and you will be able to work out solutions that benefit your children.