Prescription pill addicts be warned: It’s getting very dangerous out there
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Prescription pill addicts be warned: It’s getting very dangerous out there

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | Drug Crimes

When most people think of a “drug addict,” they tend to think of people lurking in parks, alleys and abandoned houses, doing whatever it takes to get their next fix.

In reality, your neighbor, cousin, brother or aunt could be quietly suffering from an addiction to pain pills — and they could be in danger of an accidental overdose because of counterfeit drugs.

Why are so many people suffering from prescription pill addictions?

Essentially it comes down to this: Doctors were encouraged by pharmaceutical companies to prescribe opioids and other narcotics very liberally. Oxycontin, in particular, was heralded as a “non-addictive” method of high-quality pain relief — until it wasn’t.

When the government realized that opioids and other narcotics were creating a whole new class of addicts, they clamped down hard on “pill mills” that were overprescribing, and many other doctors panicked and stopped prescribing narcotics as well.

The situation has left a lot of people who either suffer from chronic pain or who have developed an addiction to pain pills and other narcotics desperate for relief. Many have turned to the street to get their supply.

Unfortunately, that supply may be coming from a Mexican cartel and laced with either methamphetamine or fentanyl — substances that give the fake pills a kick but could easily be fatal to unwary users. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has issued a strong warning to addicts in many major cities, including here in Raleigh: “One pill can kill.”

Southeast Raleigh, in particular, is a huge distribution point for counterfeit opioids. Authorities have begun aggressive efforts to catch traffickers, dealers, drug mules and anybody else connected with the drug trade.

If prescription drug addiction has led to criminal charges, get help

Addiction can happen to anybody, and it shouldn’t be treated like a crime. If you’re facing charges or a loved one has been charged in connection with a prescription drug crime, having experienced legal guidance can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.