Who files for divorce more often?
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Who files for divorce more often?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Family Law/Divorce

If you’re not married, your gender does not matter when it comes to who will end the relationship. For opposite-sex couples, it could be the man or the woman. The rates are similar, though people’s personal experiences will differ considerably.

If you are married, though, then things change. Have you ever wondered if men or women are more likely to file? Maybe you’ve been thinking about the odds of your own marriage ending in divorce, and you’ve realized that it certainly may not be up to you. Knowing how likely your spouse is to file can help you prepare.

Women file more than men by a wide margin

The truth is that women file for divorce much more often than men. It’s not even all that close. In one study, men filed in just 31% of cases, with the other 69% going to women.

This certainly illustrates some of the changes in divorce over the years, in large part because most women no longer see marriage as a financial decision, as generations before them have. These are women who have their own careers and are more than capable of providing for themselves, so they’re free to end their relationships if they so choose. This level of freedom to make personal choices is also a big reason for the rise in no-fault divorce, which is the most common type of divorce that is filed in the United States.

How can you prepare in advance?

If you are going to get divorced or if you think your spouse may file in the near future, it’s important to prepare in advance. You can do things like accounting for all of your assets, canceling your joint accounts, learning about the paperwork you’ll need to file and getting copies of important files. You don’t have to save this all for the last minute and then scramble to find what you need when your spouse files. If you take stock of things now, you’re ready for the divorce, you don’t have to rush and you can avoid mistakes.

As you move forward with this process, take the time to carefully consider all of the right legal steps to take. The more you know, the easier the process will be.