Why you should never share medication
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Why you should never share medication

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Drug Crimes

Have you ever been looking for a certain type of medication and asked a friend or family member if they had anything? Have you ever had someone come to you, knowing that you had a specific prescription, and ask you if you would share some with them?

It may feel very innocent at the time. Perhaps your friend is suffering from a similar condition to you, and it’s clear to both of you that the medication you have would probably help them. Since you care about them, you certainly want to do whatever you can. However, as innocent as that action would feel, you should actually never share prescription drugs.

Doing so is illegal

What you need to remember is that sharing these medications is illegal. People often don’t realize this because it is legal for them to have these pills and use them, as long as they have the prescription for those substances.

But sharing those substances with someone who does not have a prescription is what makes it illegal. Under the laws governing controlled substances, only someone with a valid prescription is allowed to purchase or use them. Your intent doesn’t matter, in the sense that you don’t have to be selling these medications for a profit or attempting to break the law. Simply trying to help someone could lead to an accidental violation of those laws, but that can still lead to serious drug charges.

If you are facing charges and you’re worried about your future and all the other ramifications, be sure you understand exactly what defense options you have.