3 Signs You Need To Ask For Divorce Right Away

Under normal circumstances, no one ties the knot with the goal of divorcing someday. Unfortunately, divorce is part of life. There are times when, despite your best efforts, divorce may be the most sensible thing to do.

Here are three instances when you should seriously consider asking your spouse for a divorce, or proceed with one if you have already started the process.

When there are incidents of domestic violence

Violence has no place in any relationship. If your spouse has become physically or emotionally abusive, then you should consider separating. If the behavior persists, you may have no option but to ask for a divorce.

When there is an affair

An affair that your spouse is not ready to let go of could be a telltale sign that you are no longer their item of affection. Of course, “Affair Fog” happens. But if your spouse would rather lose you than let go of their affair, then it might as well be time to seek divorce and move on with your life.

The same applies when your spouse had an affair and retains contact with their “former lover.” This is because the continued presence of the former lover in the picture may be quite tricky. After all, getting two people who have been intimate to contain the attraction to acceptable levels can be quite difficult.

When you are no longer keen on patching things up

Every marriage has its high and low moments. However, if there is a persistent problem that you no longer feel you have the strength to fix, then you might consider going your separate ways. Remember, it takes two to tango and the same number of people to fix a rocky marriage. This rule of thumb especially holds true if you believe the problem at hand is the other party’s making. For instance, you may consider divorcing a spouse who has a problem with substance abuse and addiction and is not ready to seek help. The same applies to a spouse who is constantly in trouble with the law.

Find out how you can safeguard your rights and interests if you have decided to seek divorce from your spouse.