Do Not Bring Marijuana Into North Carolina

North Carolina still does not allow the use of recreational marijuana. In fact, lawmakers are still debating whether or not they should even allow medical marijuana, which is so common across the United States.

On a national scale, though, recreational marijuana laws have been changing significantly. Many states have decided to allow it, permitting the sale of small amounts of recreational marijuana from licensed dispensaries.

This means that you can go to another state and you can legally buy marijuana. You don’t need any sort of special license. You’re not breaking the law. But what if you go there on vacation and then come back to North Carolina? Can you bring marijuana products with you?

The legality of the purchase does not matter

People who do this need to know that they are still breaching federal drug laws and state laws in North Carolina. In some cases, people believe that the legality of the purchase means that it is always legal for them to have that marijuana on their person. But this is not the case. Even if you legally purchased the drugs in another state, bringing them back to North Carolina can have serious ramifications. Explaining that you purchased from a dispensary in a nearby state is not going to get you out of these charges.

What do you need to do?

If you are facing accusations of illegal drug possession or even drug trafficking for crossing state lines, then it is absolutely crucial that you know about all of your legal defense options. It may feel like a simple mistake, but it can have serious ramifications that change your life.