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The term fraud pertains to a broad category of crimes. These crimes can be punishable at the state or federal level depending on the circumstances and nature of the crime committed and the value of the property involved.

A fraud charge in federal court can consist of any fraud against the Government. The fraud could be related to COVID PPP loans or other COVID related loans, natural disaster funding fraud, such as FEMA fraud, or fraud like mail or wire fraud. The fraud amount drives sentencing in federal court. It is of the utmost importance to have an experienced attorney to assist you in cases such as these which can have lofty jail sentences as well as requiring re payment of any monies.

Vavonese Law Firm, PC defends clients against both state and federal fraud-related charges. Our experienced representation provides discretion and advice for many corporate executives and other high-profile employees and board members. We are knowledgeable in helping clients preserve their careers, reputations, and financial assets. Below are some examples of fraud-related charges we defend clients against:

Defense Against State & Federal Fraud-Related Charges

Banking Fraud

Credit Card Fraud

Corporate Fraud Schemes


Tax Evasion

Prescription Drug Fraud

Social Security, Medicaid & Public Assistance Fraud

Computer Fraud

Check Fraud


Identity Theft

Obtaining Property By False Pretenses

Mail & Wire Fraud


Even if you feel the evidence against you is inconsequential, you should still contact an attorney to discuss your case. We can discuss how to fight the charges against you. We can also work for a reduction of charges against you if there are factors in your case that may constitute negotiating a plea bargain. Prosecutors are often willing to work with defendants in exchange for their willingness to help authorities. This can include a reduction in jail time, reduced fines and/or charges in exchange for community service or testimony.

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Learn What We Can Do For You

Fraud crimes can happen to clients of all walks of life and if they do, we are prepared to work with you on your particular case. If you have been accused of committing a fraud crime in North Carolina, contact Raleigh defense attorney Jamie Vavonese at  919-833-7454.

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