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Aggressive Legal Defense For Sex Crimes

There is no substitute for an aggressive, strategic defense, especially considering the stakes in sexual assault and sexual offense charges. There is nothing more important than to protect your rights and avoid a conviction, a record or jail time.

An Attorney Who Understands Sex Crimes Charges And Defenses

Anyone can fall prey to the alluring call of internet sites. Computer users are often one click away from turning a simple browsing session into a state pornography possession charge, a federal distribution charge or another internet sex crime charge. Felony charges can mean years in a federal penitentiary and a life-long stigma.

Attorney Jamie Vavonese knows how and when to get sex crime charges dismissed because of a lack of evidence. There are often issues that come up in these cases where a reduction of the charge is possible. Two of the most important things are to protect your record and to prevent your name from being on a sexual offender registry if at all possible.

Get The Skilled And Proven Sex Crimes Defense Your Case Needs

Do not risk your case to chance. The prosecutor and law enforcement have a full staff and incredible resources at their disposal. You need an attorney who is proven both in the courtroom and at the negotiation table. Jamie Vavonese is that attorney. Call 919-891-8832 for immediate assistance. You can also send a confidential inquiry email to the firm, and Jamie will get in touch with you. Vavonese Law Firm, PC, is located in Raleigh and serves clients throughout the Raleigh and Durham area.