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Is Mediation Right For You?

Family Law Alternative Dispute Resolution Raleigh NC Jamie Vavonese Law Firm
The goal of alternative dispute resolution is to help clients resolve disputes outside the courtroom.


This allows clients to avoid the uncertainty and expense of litigation. Alternative dispute resolution is handled between lawyers and/or the parties seeking separation or divorce. If negotiations to the conflict do not result in a resolution, mediation and arbitration can be additional options. Vavonese Law Firm, PC helps clients determine whether alternative dispute resolution makes sense for their case and which form of alternative dispute resolution is most appropriate after analyzing your particular situation.

Mediation has become very common. It can be a cost-effective way to resolve disputed issues that arise as a result of a failed marriage. There are many benefits to settling a family law case privately. Litigation can be expensive, stressful and uncertain.

During mediation, each party in dispute hire a neutral mediator that will assist them in voluntarily resolving their dispute. Filling a lawsuit is not necessary in order to participate in mediation. Each party will meet in a separate room at the mediator’s office or other mutually agreeable location. In the case of mediation, the parties may or may not be represented by lawyers.

Find Out Which Is The Best Method For Your Divorce

It is important to note that an attorney cannot represent you and also act as a mediator. If you would like Jamie Vavonese to act as a neutral mediator, you must inform our office of that prior to seeking consultation for legal advice.