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What Is A Parenting Coordinator?

In North Carolina, parenting coordinators are governed under N.C.G.S. section 50-90 through 50-100.  A parenting coordinator is an impartial person who will assist parents identify issues that are in dispute, reducing misunderstandings, assisting with compromise and facilitating communication between the parties.  If parties are unable to come to a decision on a  disputed issue, a parenting coordinator has the authority to make binding decisions about certain issues.  At Vavonese Law Firm, PC, Jamie Vavonese is a parenting coordinator who is able to assist you with your case.  

Why Would You Want To Use A Parenting Coordinator?

Litigation is expensive.  In cases where there is a pattern of excessive litigation, anger, and distrust between the parents, physical or verbal abuse or difficulty communicating you may find yourself on the family court calendar regularly, or you may want to avoid finding yourself there.  In either case, a parenting coordinator can help you resolve certain disputes to assist in avoiding litigation.  

How Do I Get A Parenting Coordinator?

Parents can agree that they need a parenting coordinator in their case.  Parents who consent to a parenting coordinator can select a person to act in that role.  Parents can decide what specific authority a parenting coordinator has or does not have and they can select a person who has the specific skills and training to fit the needs of the case.  

The court can also appoint a parenting coordinator to the case if the court makes findings indicating that the case is in high conflict; that a parenting coordinator appointment is in the best interests of the children; and that the parents have the ability to pay for the services of the parenting coordinator.  

What Is The Cost Of A Parenting Coordinator?

A parenting coordinator’s fees consist of an hourly fee and a trust deposit.  The fees can either be split equally by each party, the court can order an unequal split or the parties can agree to an unequal split.  The parenting coordinator also has the discretion to apportion the fees unequally to the parents if the parenting coordinator feels one parent is not acting in good faith, or for other reasons that may justify unequal fees.  Jamie Vavonese charges $200 per hour and a $1000 per person trust retainer for parenting coordinator services.  Please contact our office at  919-833-7454 to discuss Jamie Vavonese being your parenting coordinator. 

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